International Dialogue on Migration (IDM) 2024: “Facilitating Regular Pathways to a Better Future: Harnessing the Power of Migration” – IOM

Some highlights from the International Dialogue on Migration (IDM) 2024, themed “Facilitating Regular Pathways to a Better Future: Harnessing the Power of Migration,” organised by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). You can view the slides on our Instagram page.

The dialogue underscored the urgent need for all countries to foster welcoming, supportive, and inclusive environments for migrants, ensuring their rights and dignity are upheld. Yet, it was disheartening to see the UK and EU as outliers, with no mention or acknowledgment of the violence inherent in their border policies and regimes, let alone plans to genuinely improve the lives of and support migrant communities from outside of Europe.

The UK’s current hostile environment policies starkly contrast with its purported commitment to human rights. The Home Office continues to threaten, detain, and enforce returns against those denied the right to live here, while denying basic rights such as the right to rent, work, and access universal healthcare. For much of the global population outside Europe, accessing the UK remains extremely difficult, compelling some to take perilous journeys to seek safety and opportunity. For those already in the UK with irregularised immigration status, the regularisation mechanisms are largely inaccessible, exacerbating the vulnerabilities imposed on and experienced by undocumented people. Furthermore, the UK failed to mention the vulnerabilities created by their restrictive temporary visas, which have driven some migrant workers who came via ‘regular pathways,’ such as agricultural and care workers, into exploitative conditions.

Regular pathways need to provide security, safety, and support for migrants and refugees, not precarity. We urgently call for more accessible pathways and regularisation mechanisms that offer both immediate and long-term human security for migrants, enabling our full enjoyment of rights in transit and in the societies we choose to live in. This is essential to address vulnerabilities and prevent the exploitation and abuse that arise from irregularised migration and status. In the long run, global freedom of movement is the most equitable way to ensure justice and dignity for all.

You can watch the full recordings from IDMigration2024 “Facilitating Regular Pathways to a Better Future: Harnessing the Power of Migration” here.


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